Two years of 30. A special issue that brings to mind twenty-four months of travel, hikes, exploration, friendly faces and intense flavours of the thousands of places we have visited with you. So, we could not resist giving you a very special tour, starting in the unspoilt hills of Cilento and ending on the enchanting beaches of Sardinia.

We will discover the hidden vineyards of Centola, on the sea facing Palinuro; the secrets of ancient Pompeii and the Renaissance heart of Naples. Then we take our gaze and our steps northwards, with the traditional flavours of Rome's typical dishes; the lakes and waterfalls surrounding the green countryside of the Eternal City. And finally, we move westwards, crossing the Tyrrhenian Sea and arriving in southern Sardinia. Where an emerald sea awaits us, reflected in a colourful rainbow.

Two years in which the backpacks have always been ready. Where we never stopped, not even for a moment, with the sole desire to tell the story of a land that reveals more and more surprises with every step we take. Hidden corners and spaces to rediscover, sitting at the table or wearing hiker's shoes. Or flying, with your eyes, on coasts of fine sand or above some river bed. Which, little by little, navigates us towards the wonders of the green heart of the South. A journey still to be written and imagined.