The number seven of our 30 magazine brings us, as usual, along nature trails, such as those of taste and culture, moving on to one of the most beautiful resources of this land: the sea.

Let's start right here: from the Gulf of Naples, which has truly unique landscape wonders in the world. Starting from Villa Rosebery, overlooking the Posillipo tuff ridges, we move towards the heart of the Gulf, towards the island of Ischia, on which the profile of the Aragonese Castle stands imposingly.

The hinterland hides equally precious treasures. Laceno lake, frozen in winter and blooming in summer, offers incredible walking opportunities, among beech woods and scenic spots. Or the Basilica of Sant 'Eustachio, on the slopes of the mountains that draw the profile of the Amalfi Coast.

Between a typical Carnival dessert and the tasty Neapolitan street food, traveling is always sweet in this magical land.