Dinner in the Palace of the Spaniard

Location Palazzo dello Spagnuolo

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Cena a Palazzo dello Spagnuolo

Built in 1738 by Ferdinando Sanfelice (1675-1748) for the marquis Nicola Moscati, the palace became a property of the Spanish nobleman Tommaso Atienza in the Nineteenth century and that is why it is called Palace of the Spaniard.

The Palace of the Sopaniard is famous for its monumental staircase with two flights which makes it one of the most famous touristic attractions of the quartiere Sanità (Sanità neighborhood) and a favorite stage for a great number of movies, among which “Passion” by John Turturro.

The place where dinners will take place used to be the seat of the art gallery Morra, but is now a private apartment which is also the seat of a cultural association which arranges home concerts and plays. The landlady will cook tasty traditional local dishes using only seasonal products.

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