Hell Valley

Location Biglietteria del Parco del Vesuvio, Ercolano (NA)

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Valle dell’Inferno

On the slopes of Vesuvius, between 1881 and 1937, a series of eruptive openings and lava domes arose, determining the morphology (and then the name) of this enchanting valley.

The Valle dell’Inferno (Hell Valley) separates the former Monte Somma volcano from the younger and more famous Vesuvius. Today it is full of lavas dating back to the last eruption of 1944. The Vesuvius lichen grows on them: an endemic species with silver reflections. Along the way you can admire beautiful volcanic formations and a wide view of the Lattari Mountains and the Gulf of Naples.

“Yesterday, I climbed to the crater of Vesuvius; never in my life have I know such exhaustion. The devilish part of the ascent lay up the cone of ash which marks the summit. Ye, who knows? In a month’s time, the whole landscape may have changed beyon recognition”

The Valle dell’Inferno is a place of contrasts. Here, nature first destroyed with unstoppable force and afterwards gave life back with great generosity. We are on a dormant volcano, rich in vegetation, and it represents a unique ecosystem. With the changing of the seasons orchids, brooms, poppies, valerians bloom. They grow on very fertile and hospitable land for many animals.

It could be the mixture of soft and lively colors or the tragic past that its very name evokes, but it is one of the most beautiful routes in the Somma-Vesuvius National Park.

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