Cooking class at Grazia’s house

Location Piazzetta Materdei, Napoli

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Cooking Class a casa di Grazia

Materdei is one of the most typical district in Naples. There is no one who doesn’t know how to cook (or strictly judge) traditional dishes. Here each family hands down its own unique recipe of “ragù” or keeps the secret to make a “genovese” better than the one of its neighbor. It’s just here that Grazia lives, in an eighteenth-century building.

Daughter of a chef and sea lover, Grazia is a nice Neapolitan girl who opens her house’s doors to let us know smells and flavors of the typical Parthenopean /Neapolitan cuisine.

With Grazia we will learn how to knead and roll the dough in order to cook tasty “scialatielli” to pair with carpet shells or “spaghetti” seasoned with tomatoes from Campania sauce. We will make an appetizing meatloaf (“polpettone”) or flavorful meatballs according to Neapolitan style. We will prepare side dishes from local vegetables, as legendary “friarielli” (broccoli rabe), not to forget Neapolitan people were called “leaf-eaters”.

And after cooking we will enjoy our delicacies around a table sweetening our palate with “babà” and “sfogliatelle”. As in any self-respecting Neapolitan house, there will certainly be coffee and “ammazzacaffè”, that is the aromatic and tempting limoncello.

With a dash of imagination mixed with flour and a pinch of salt Grazia will lead us by the hand in the mood of Neapolitan gastronomy pleasing meat, fish, vegetables and, of course, pasta lovers.

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