How many wonderful places we visited this summer, how many explorations, how many surprises! In this issue of 30 we will tell you about some of these places, which will always be the destination of our excursions.

Let's celebrate Campania by talking to you about the Ministeriale, a dessert perhaps little known, but very good and with an interesting history. Then we enter the Library of the Girolamini, a treasure that preserves 160,000 ancient volumes.

From Campania we move towards Lazio, first on the shores of Lake Bracciano, in Trevignano Romano, and then towards the waterfalls of Fosso Castello, in Viterbo's Tuscia.

From Lazio we will complete our imaginary journey with the other side of the Tyrrhenian Sea, where the story of a characteristic dessert, the pardulas, and a dip in the crystalline waters of the Sardinian southwest await us.

Let's read and travel with us!