In this issue of 30 we will tell you about a little glossy Capri, to be found on the western side of the island. This is the side of the sunsets, of the fields, the side that looks to Ischia, with the Punta Carena lighthouse, which has been a compass for sailors for 150 years.

Ideally we will move to Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi coast, which hides a wonderful Roman villa. On the other side of the Mediterranean we will tell you about Sardinia, where the month of October gave mild and bright days and a sea that seems to be made of transparent crystals.

In Naples we will retrace the history of the rite of beggar souls, which is still alive today in the historic center.

As every month we will also stop in Lazio, where we will take you to discover one of the most beautiful mountains of the Lucretili Mountains Regional Park: Cima Casarene, on the Sabini side. A splendid itinerary among pastures, forests of oaks, black hornbeams and bushes of hawthorn, dog rose and blackthorn.

We will then go to Castel San Pietro Romano, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. On the top of Monte Ginestro, forty kilometers from Rome, the hamlet houses the fortress of the Colonna, built for defensive purposes by the homonymous family at the highest point of the mountain.

And what about the flavors? We will let you know the stories of two people who work with the symbolic fruits of their lands: the grapes of Sannio and the lemon of the Amalfi Coast.

It will be a journey full of surprises, live it with us!