The long journey of the 30 magazine will stop in three different areas of Italy: in Lazio, with its villages, its natural corners and its cuisine; in Sardinia, with its history and its sea; in Campania, to tell you about an ancient tradition linked to coffee.

In Naples we will visit the rooms of the Madre contemporary art museum which houses, among the many works, those of Francesco Clemente. We will tell you about the origins of the Amatriciana: who has never tasted one among the best dishes of popular Italian cuisine? We will explore the shores of Lake Martignano, less famous than nearby Bracciano but just as enchanting. And then we will take you to the Lazio side of the Abruzzo National Park: in Val Comino, between snow-capped peaks and almost lunar landscapes. Finally we will go for a stroll in the small town of Percile, close to Rome: one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

And finally, the incredible naturalistic miracle of the Sardinian coast, with the turquoise sea that makes you lose your head. This time we will be in Cala Regina, a few kilometers from Cagliari. While in Cagliari we will know the history of the elegant Bastion of San Remy. And so, also this month we will discover together known and lesser known corners of our generous land.