Summer at the lake

L’estate al lago

The vivid colors of summer shine on the waters of Lake Bracciano bathing Trevignano Romano, blue flag 2021 (recognition given to clean waters). Yellow, green, blue.

Two boys enjoy the sun lying on the sand. The bars are full of people in beach robes at aperitif time. The pedal boat, still wet, seems to have just returned from a long voyage on the foamy waters, moved by a light breeze. Geese and mallards linger on the still warm sand.

Overlooking the northern side of what was for the ancient Romans the Lacus Sabatinus, a large depression born over three hundred thousand years ago from a volcanic-tectonic collapse that then welcomed the lake and its lively life, Trevignano Romano shines with its fragrant gardens, the large green and well-kept areas, the equipped beaches, regularly recognized as among the best on the lakefront.

Here live gray herons, common sandpipers, black kites and peregrine falcons and coots, which with their white faces are among the most shy when bathers arrive at the lake.

Trevignano is the ideal place for a trip to the lake, it is no coincidence that it is the favorite destination for many Romans fleeing the heat and chaos, together with Bracciano with its castle and Anguillara with its lookout position. The three villages together form the imaginary vertices of an equilateral triangle colored in turquoise and blue, so rich in history and naturalistic beauties that since 1999 it has become the protected area of Bracciano - Martignano.

A day in Trevignano Romano can offer many surprises: diving in cold waters, deep up to one hundred and sixty-five meters, relaxing walks, the scent of fresh flowers and that feeling of relaxation that only contact with nature can give.