The emerald of Arbus

Lo smeraldo di Arbus

Capo Pecora is a pink granite protrusion resting on the sea. You can see it in the distance already from the beach of Scivu, another oasis of peace that extends along the south-western side of Sardinia.

As you get closer, the scent of Mediterranean vegetation becomes more and more intense, while the Mistral caresses the surface of the sea, slightly rippling it.

You are in the southernmost point of the Costa Verde, within the Arbus area. The rugged and uncontaminated soil, the dirt and stony paths that lead to the top of the small promontory lying on the sea, make Capo Pecora a much desired destination for trekking lovers.

In few other places it is possible to surrender yourself with such transport to the pleasures that Nature gives us: walking along the paths while the emerald and sapphire sea breaks on the granite, under our feet, is a sight that is difficult to forget.

Capo Pecora is a miracle for sight, for smell, for all our senses. The main path winds its way towards the most beautiful landscapes of the Costa Verde until it reaches the beach of Scivu, where the golden sand gives way to very fine and white grains.

These were places populated since prehistoric times, evidence of the fact that Sardinia was one of the first territories where humans founded communities.

The color palette is typical of these areas: emerald and turquoise of the sea, pink of the granite, golden yellow and very limpid white of the sand, intense green of the shrubs and vegetation.

A vast canvas painted for the pleasure of those who know how to look and dive in a place out of this world, light years away from the frenzy of everyday life. Where to imagine a life made of pleasures and beauty.